• We do not accept self-damaged products Because All products are firstly cross-verify though quality checkers. In that case, If we found damage from the customer we can’t accept that product for replacement or refund.
  • After you have initiated an Exchange request through our website, kindly contact our Customer Support through phone or email.
  • in case of any product you want to exchange to us, and at your location, our exchange picks up service is not available in any courier partners, At that situation customers is responsible to exchange product to our company on our address.
  • we don’t ask debit card number or CVV or OTP – so please take care about that details and do not share with anyone who said we are from
  • we send mail for a refund and ask bank details but only through our register mail id.
  • in case of any online fraud, we are not responsible because we don’t ask any debit card or OTP so this is customer responsibility to verify and then send details.
  • our register number  is mention on, Website :-
    Whatsapp chat : +919892823183
  • no any other contact number of us so take care about that thing and do not share details on any other number.
  • Note:-Customer are exchange our product
  • For Any Query Drop Mail
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